About Us

Upkeep is about Integrity and Uprightness.
We’re a Quality-First company.

The idea for Upkeep was born out of my experience helping my mom deal with the many contractors needed to maintain her Flathead Lake home. We had a lot of disappointments with subpar people, and I found it ridiculous that so many companies were involved in the maintenance of just one property.

My vision is for one reliable company to provide all the regular services Homeowners need – beginning with Lawn Care, Landscape Maintenance, and Snow Removal – and expanding to include a full suite of integrated services, making Upkeep your one-stop-shop for residential property maintenance.

The Landscape industry is tough. It’s hard to attract high-quality people, who often view mowing or gardening as low-end work. We rigorously screen our employees for quality and integrity, and are constantly training and retraining them to our higher standards - teaching them to put quality first. Many don’t last two weeks with us, and most don’t make it two months. When you see one of our employees on your property more than once, it’s likely they’ve outperformed at least 10 other recruits to earn their place on our team. Such is our commitment to quality.

Another major differentiator, is that Upkeep is a technology-focused company. Many of our competitors literally run their businesses off of yellow notepads. To me, that’s crazy! So I approached this business from day one with an eye towards the best available technologies. We use state-of-the-art cloud-based software to seamlessly coordinate our customer relationships, operations, and accounting. It’s a little bit better than pen and paper! We’ve even pioneered some of the most specialized snow removal equipment to ever be used in the Flathead Valley, and we’re changing the whole Kalispell residential market as a result. We can accomplish much more, with far less friction, than our competition.

Frankly, I believe Homeowners deserve a lot better than most of what’s out there. And that is exactly what I work 80-hours a week to deliver. These are just some of the reasons we’re the highest-rated landscape maintenance company in the Flathead Valley, ten times over. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Upkeep experience, please call us so we can make it right. Believe it or not, we actually answer the phone - and we are always happy to hear from you!

Sean Vaughan
Founder, Upkeep LLC